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Evidence-Based, Systematic Investment Strategies

Focusing on after-tax returns for Australian resident investors

At Hamilton12, we believe many existing products and investment strategies are not necessarily the best match for investors seeking equities exposure without high fees.

Investors have taken note of research and have worked out that finding a portfolio manager with sufficient skill to outperform a low-cost index fund is challenging.

Additionally, we believe that fees are not a good signal of quality, and investors are searching for fee minimisation, tax efficiency, and above-benchmark performance.

Hamilton12 Australian Shares Income Fund

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High dividend yield from companies paying franked dividends.

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Optimised for Australian superannuation funds, foundations, and tax-exempt investors.

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Persistently outperforms the S&P/ASX200 index for no incremental risk.

The Hamilton12 Australian Shares Income Fund aims to generate long-term after-tax returns for Australian resident investors in excess of the Benchmark after fees, including an annual gross dividend yield (including franking) that exceeds the gross dividend yield of the Benchmark.

The Fund uses the same evidence-based, systematic approach as the Hamilton12 Australian Diversified Yield Index that allocates the portfolio towards Securities offering high franked dividend yield and aims to mitigate risk by ensuring the Fund is diversified across industry sectors.

The investment universe is the Australian-listed securities of the All Ordinaries Index. The Fund’s Benchmark is the S&P/ASX 200 Franking Credit Adjusted Daily Total Return Index (Superannuation).


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